***NEW News From The Future

Calling all schemers, actors, screenwriters, revolutionaries, media masterminds, production assistants, camera operators, and could be would be YouTube future celebrities.
News from the future is going viral (in a future near you).

Local anonymous artist @99redpapers is welcoming tns students to star in the crafting of a fake news channel “you can trust” in the flavor and mode of the onion meets the daily show, news story will be barely probable but preposterously possible.

Details will be given by the artist themself at 4:15 today. Bring your ideas and brazen youthful clinician and idealism.

Start Date

August 28


Tuesdays 4:15 – 5:30PM

Program Length

12 Weekly Sessions

Min/Max Students





Britt GondolfiBrit Gondolfi – “I co founded “News From the Future” with a vision to “time travel to a world that works for everyone” and write fictional yet hopefully possible news stories about how we (as in humanity) went from where we are to where we want to be. The purpose is to create a compassionate, creative, and hopeful environment to learn about subjects that can be emotionally overwhelming.”

“I imagined the project after a neighborhood organization I did guerrilla marketing and advocacy for failed in their mission to turn an abandoned school into a “Free Neighborhood University”. I began to write stories about what would have happened to our neighborhood if our coalition of 600 people had been successful, and “News From the Future” was born.”

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