Want to pilot drones, paint watercolor like a pro, produce animation shorts, play with powerful A.I., change the world through illustration? There is a TNS-X class for you! 

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TNS-X After School Enrichment

Our TNS-X program, an extension of the school day for metro Atlanta 8th – 12th graders, combines creative arts with technology and innovation through programs like Drone Design, App Development, Improv Comedy, and Audio Production – led by passionate, committed, accomplished adults who take our students and their work seriously, inspiring them to build products and produce professional quality work. 

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TNS X is open to all 8th – 12th graders in the Metro Atlanta area.

These aren’t merely clubs or after school activities, but another layer of intense learning for young artists, innovators, makers and performers from around the city.

Most programs take place once a week after school and last for 10-12 weeks. Class sizes are usually between 5-12 students and involve a final work product, exhibition, or performance. New sessions are offered each semester.

For more information, please email Monique Nunnally .

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Spring 2022 Offerings


  • Monday

    Social Activism + The Organizer Academy 4:00pm-5:30pm 
    Start Date: 2/21/22
    Program Length: 12 weeks

    Join Jonathan Peraza for The Organizer Academy. The Organizer Academy is a project-based curriculum that has three goals: (1) to teach young people about the history of youth organizing, (2) to develop concepts and skills in youth activism and social movements, and (3) to mentor young people in building and executing a campaign to influence sociopolitical change in their communities. 

    Jonathan Peraza Campos (he/him/el) is metro-Atlanta educator and organizer who has taught workshops and classes with youth, educators, and organizers across the Southeast, in Guatemala, and virtually in organizing, social justice, teaching and curriculum, and Central American/Latinx issues. He has struggled for racial justice, migrant justice, educational justice, and abolitionist causes over the last decade. ( $150 | $12.50/session)

  • Tuesday 

    Fashion Design + Sewing 4:00 – 5:00  PM
    Start Date: 2/22/22
    Program Length: 8 weeks 

    Join Heiress Brown for her Fashion Workshops to learn the about the world of fashion and how to design your next runway outfit. Sewing Machine provided for each student but will need to bring preferred fabric.  ($200 | $25/session) 

  • Wednesdays

    Caricature Drawing 4:00pm – 5:00pm
    Start Date: 2/23/22
    Program Length: 8 weeks

    Join Destin Andrews  and learn how to create magnificent caricature animation with a professional artist. Destin’s artwork is mostly inspired by fashion, sci-fi, graffiti, music and vibrant colors. His style of art displays an aesthetic that is colorful, futuristic and some hip hop combined into one to create his style and vision. He also creates merchandise with his unique characters and graffiti designs. ($160 | $20/session)


  • Thursday

    African Drumming + Dance 4:30 – 5:30 PM

    Start Date: 2/17/22
    Program Length: 12 weeks

    Join Teresa Mingo to learn African Drumming and dance. Students will learn the three voices of the Djembe drum. Students will engage in the history of the drum and learn traditional African dance movements from the West and Ivory Coast of Africa. Students will explore various hand/ percussion instruments along side traditional chants and songs. Students will be challenged to find the connection between traditional sound and movements and how they relate to current musicality and dance forms. ( $150 | $12.50/session)


    French Culture + Language 4:00 -5:00
    Start Date: 2/10/2022
    Program Length: 6 weeks 

    Join Jackie Nees ( TNS Spanish Teacher)  and learn some basic French vocabulary and culture! We will begin with the things you will need to know to have a basic conversation in the target language with an emphasis on the topics that YOU want to be able to talk about. We will look a little bit at culture including major French speaking cities in the world, food, and sports. The 6-week class will be an introduction to some of these topics and can be guided by what the students are most interested in learning. ($75 | $12.50/session)


  • Class Day TBD

    Yoga + Mindful Meditation 4:30 – 5:30 
    Start Date: 2/21/2022
    Program Length: 10 weeks 

    Join Sokari Brown from the Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective to create healthy mindful practices.  Sokari Brown is an activist, a trauma-informed Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, certified yoga and meditation teacher, and founder of Courageous Space Yoga and Wellness.  She is certified as a teacher of yoga for 12-step addiction recovery, yoga nidra, and Accessible Yoga. sokari is a fierce advocate for mental health, inclusivity, and trauma-informed care for all. She offers support for yogis, clinicians, wellness professionals, activists, and healers who provide care and/or hold space for others during difficult times. sokari is committed to working within the community to transform personal, collective, and generational trauma by building practices of safety and wellness that sustain our collective well being.  This class will meet twice a week after school.  ($150 | $7.5/session)


Please submit the interest form when it opens to reserve a place and avoid disappointment. Registration will close as soon as classes fill up, and will be marked as closed on this web page. Maximum class size for most programs is usually 8, 10 or 12 students. Financial aid is available for qualified TNS students.

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This program is not a licensed child care facility, is not required to be licensed by the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, and is exempt from state licensure requirements.