Want to pilot drones, paint watercolor like a pro, produce animation shorts, play with powerful A.I., change the world through illustration? There is a TNS-X class for you! 

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TNS-X After School Enrichment

Our TNS-X program, an extension of the school day for metro Atlanta 8th – 12th graders, combines creative arts with technology and innovation through programs like Drone Design, App Development, Improv Comedy, and Audio Production – led by passionate, committed, accomplished adults who take our students and their work seriously, inspiring them to build products and produce professional quality work. 

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TNS X is open to all 8th – 12th graders in the Metro Atlanta area.

These aren’t merely clubs or after school activities, but another layer of intense learning for young artists, innovators, makers and performers from around the city.

Most programs take place once a week after school and last for 10-12 weeks. Class sizes are usually between 5-12 students and involve a final work product, exhibition, or performance. New sessions are offered each semester.

For more information, please email Monique Nunnally .

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Fall 2023 Offerings


Scraps of Indigo | 4:00 – 5:00

Start Date:8/28/2023
Program Length: 8 weeks
Instructor: Tawndy

Indigo is a journey ~ a magical and beyond beautiful journey that I invite you to experience as we dive deep into naturally dyeing with the Earth’s most extraordinary blue! During this class students will learn how to dye with and explore unique textile design possibilities with indigo. Students will then sew their very own quilts with the very indigo ‘scraps’ they dyed to take home and cherish. ($280 | $35/session)


Yoga + Mindful Meditation | 4:00 – 5:00

Start Date: August 28, 2023
Program Length: 8 weeks
Instructor: Destiny Warden

Join Destiny Warden from Destiny Rene Yoga to create healthy mindful practices. Destiny is a fierce advocate for mental health, inclusivity, and trauma-informed care for all. She offers support for yogis, clinicians, wellness professionals, activists, and healers who provide care and/or hold space for others during difficult times. ($100| $12.50/session)


Drone-ology | 4:30 pm – 5:30pm

Start Date: 8/29/2023
Program Length: 4 weeks

Kids Next Code is an organization that provides tech education to students (ages 5-18)
in underserved communities nationwide. Since 2016, Kids Next Code has provided
technology education courses to over 1,500 students nationwide. We offer virtual and
face to face programs and we’ve partnered with a variety of organizations such as Cobb
County, Clayton County and Fulton County libraries, Dekalb County’s inmate program,
Austell Youth Innovation program, Kennesaw State’s Engineering department, Future
Seekers, Rolling Robotics Inc., and many more. Our mission is to provide engaging,
interactive, hands-on lessons that educate students in coding, game design, app
design, engineering, robotics, entrepreneurship, and more.

KNC educational drone class comes with STEM kits. The kits were created to offer an
exciting educational solution for learning about drones inside and outside of the
classroom. Each educational drone STEM kit provides an assembly guide, explains
the flight principles, underlying physics, and the drone technology that makes it all
Possible! ( $150 | $31/Session + Drone Kit) 


Podcast Club | 4:30 pm – 5:45pm

Start Date: 8/29/2023
Program Length: 8 weeks
Instructor: Walter Gainer II

This after school podcast program will help students develop their social skills, communication skills, and writing skills. Students will learn how to interact with others in a professional and respectful manner, express themselves clearly and concisely, and use language effectively to convey their message. They will also learn how to research, write, and edit audio content, and use different software programs to create and edit their podcasts.
This program will prepare students for the real world by giving them the opportunity to practice the skills they need to succeed in college, the workforce, and beyond. Students will learn how to work independently and as part of a team, how to manage their time effectively, and how to deal with challenges and setbacks. They will also develop confidence and leadership skills as they use their voice to speak on well-researched topics( $120 | $15.00/session)

Tuesday + Thursday

3D Animation | 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Start Date 8/29/28
Program Length: 12 weeks
Instructor: David Hixon

This course is designed to cover the fundamentals of 3D art, including modeling, texturing,
animation, lighting, and rendering. It provides a broad overview of these aspects without
focusing on any one topic in depth. By the end of the course, students will be able to render a
scene with simple animation, lighting, and texturing. They will gain exposure to multiple aspects
of 3D art, allowing them to explore and discover their interests in the field.

The first 4 weeks will focus on learning the interface, modeling, and scene setup. They will gain
an understanding of 3D primitives, proper modeling techniques, and composition concepts. By
the end of this period, the students should have a fully modeled object, which they will be able
to set up for 3D printing if they choose to.

The second 4 weeks will focus on texturing, lighting techniques, and rendering. They will learn to create and apply different types of shaders, textures, and materials to their objects using proper UV layouts. In addition, they will learn the different types of lights, how to apply them to get specific looks, and how to render an image. By the end of this section, the students should have a lit and textured scene with their object in it, which they will be able to make into a printed poster or desktop wallpaper if they choose to.

The final 4 weeks will focus on animation, storytelling, and visual design. They will be introduced
to keyframe animation, the Graph Editor, and the particle engine. We will go over the 10 rules of
Visual Storytelling, and learn a little about color theory and the principles of visual design, such
as scale, balance, and contrast. By the end of this section, they will have added animation to
their scene, including simple particle effects and camera moves, which they can render into a 5-10 second long animation.($220 | $10/session)

Tuesday + Thursday

Debate Team | 4:15pm – 5:45pm

Start Date 8/29/28
Program Length: 12 weeks
Instructor: Mario Stephens

The debate team is great place for students to explore the art of “organized arguing.” Students in debate team tend to enjoy discussing current issues and if they don’t already have a strong voice and good presentation skills, they will learn these abilities in a fun, safe club environment. Students learn to create factual/logical, ethical and emotional arguments to persuade others in the club that their “side” is correct. The club uses the formal debate format. The goal is to compete in tournaments with middle and high school students in the Georgia Independent School Association and other local tournaments. The club’s purpose is to teach and train students in the fundamentals of debate, public speaking and essay writing. ( $300 | $12/session)

Tuesday + Thursday

Rock Band | 4:00pm- 5:00 pm (ONLY TNS STUDENTS)

Start Date 8/29/28
Program Length: 12 weeks
Instructor: Bob Stocking

Rock Band Club offers the opportunity for students of beginning, intermediate and advanced levels to develop their knowledge and skill with instruments such as drums, electric and acoustic guitar, bass and vocals. Students with no experience can start from step one. There are limited seats available for this course.

“This club is a great place to hang out and jam,” are frequent comments from Rock Band students. Bob, the facilitator, is in his own band and simply wants to share music with the whole world. He is also TNS’ Science and Music teacher. ($100 | $5/Session)


Textiles and Fiber Design 4:30 – 6:00 PM

Start Date:8/28/2023
Program Length: 6 weeks
Instructor: Sanaa Bell

During the duration of the textiles and fiber designs course, Sanaa Bell, of Eketchie Universe and The Savannah College of Art + Design, will walk students through various pattern making projects. Textile design And fiber art is used in so many different aspects of life such as fashion, interior design and architecture! Come explore all the ways you can create something new and unique with textile design in this course. ($200 | $30/session)


Chess | 4:00 pm-5:00 pm

Start Date:8/30/2023
Program Length: 8 weeks
Instructor: Carter Peatman + Jonathan Hrach

Welcome to Chess Club! Our Chess Club will be taught by two experienced chess coaches who achieved the highest title given by US Chess! Throughout this chess class, we will cover a curriculum designed to cater to chess players of all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced players seeking to get better and enjoy the game. Get involved with The New School Chess Club and join the Atlanta chess community. ($240 | $30/Session) 


YES Ignite! Student Social Innovation Program| 4:00 pm-5:00 pm

Start Date:8/30/2023
Program Length: 8 weeks
Instructor: Monique Nunnally

YES Ignite! provides students ages 15-17 the opportunity to learn the critical skills involved in launching a new venture and working within their community to solve hard-to-solve problems. YES Ignite’s goal is to ensure our youth with the greatest potential have the necessary skills, network and resources to achieve their goals and work to apply for the RISE Scholarship if they are interested after launching their venture. Through our 8 -week YES,Ignite! Program students will work to develop a plan to launch a social innovation or business venture that solves a problem in their community or school. ($200 | $25/session)




Please submit the interest form when it opens to reserve a place and avoid disappointment. Registration will close as soon as classes fill up, and will be marked as closed on this web page. Maximum class size for most programs is usually 8, 10 or 12 students. Financial aid is available for qualified TNS students.

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This program is not a licensed child care facility, is not required to be licensed by the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, and is exempt from state licensure requirements.