Our Mission

The New School seeks to fundamentally change the experience and meaning of high school for students, teachers, and communities. TNS students will graduate with deep and lasting knowledge of themselves and their world, gained through engaging, challenging work, both in and outside the classroom. The New School is devoted to constant growth and improvement, of its students, its world, and itself, where committed mentor teachers guide students toward meaningful, purpose-filled lives.

Our Values

Focus on Growth

We engage in deliberate practice and hard work, keeping our goals front and center. We are committed to progress, not perfection, and we understand the value of mistakes.

Build Community

We are kind, generous, and welcoming and we make a sincere effort to know each other well. When conflict arises, we assume goodwill and talk honestly to find solutions.


We invest ourselves in collaborative projects, and we encourage and respect the contributions of others.

Take Responsibility

We come to school prepared and organized. We admit our mistakes and clean up our messes.

Be Brave

We take advantage of opportunities, no matter how challenging. We give and accept honest and meaningful feedback.