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TNS Annual Campaign Banner Welcome to our 2017/18 Annual Campaign!

The TNS Parent Committee cordially invites all parents, grandparents, friends and supporters of our school to join us this Fall in making a tax-deductible donation to the school’s 2017/18 Annual Campaign. Donations can be made from now to November 1st. Below, please find a little more about this campaign and its goals.

Delivering Inspiration and Support to all TNS Students

TNS ThermometerAnnual Campaign gifts provide a margin of excellence at TNS by supporting a wide range of needs. These include funding new opportunities and expanding our student body through scholarships for worthy but financially constrained students.

In previous years, funds raised through TNS’ Annual Campaign have contributed substantially to the renovation, retrofit and operation of our new building, which is the foundation of our school and serves as the gathering place for our community. Donations have also provided vital funding for field trips, guest speakers, materials and supplies. And of course, tremendous amounts of parental sweat equity have been and will continue to be important to ensuring we make the most effective use of monies raised.

The goal of this year’s Annual Campaign is to raise $25,000 and achieve the participation of 100 percent of our TNS families.

How Will Annual Campaign Funds be Spent?
Monies raised through your generous participation in the Annual Campaign are vital:

    • TNS 41 Families

      Research and experience show that diversity creates enormous benefit for our students, offering a richness that comes with learning to appreciate and work with peers who bring unique experiences and perspectives.


    • With 18 percent of our students currently receiving some form of financial assistance, TNS has established an important foundation of diversity and inclusion, access and affordability.


  • This year’s Annual Campaign will build on that foundation by funding scholarships for incoming 2018/19 students, making it possible to bring the TNS experience to deserving but financially constrained young people from throughout Atlanta.

Everyone’s Participation Matters!
As TNS looks to the future, the larger donors we hope to attract, including foundations, will be especially interested in our community’s level of support for the school and its goals. Achieving 100 percent participation by all TNS families in the 2017/18 Annual Campaign will go a long way to demonstrating our commitment to our school and its future. Your contribution in any amount is greatly valued and critically important.

No Gift is Too Small
The entire TNS community – parents, students and staff, our recent graduates, and community friends and supporters – is invited to participate! Every single gift is greatly valued, no matter its size. You may also be able to double or even triple your donation through your employer’s matching gift program. Please check with your HR department for guidance around this opportunity.

How to Make Your Annual Campaign Contribution:

  • By Check:
    Mail your tax-deductible donation on or before November 1st to TNS, 655 Memorial Drive, Atlanta, GA 30312. Please include “Annual Campaign” in the bottom left corner of your check.
  • Online:
    Please complete the secure PayPal payment form below.

Still Have Questions?
Please contact Emily Pelton or Judy Knight. We’re be happy to help!

Thank you for your generosity and continued support of TNS!

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