White Hats and the Internet of Things

Wi-fi enabled making for the future! 

About the Program

In this course, students will learn to install and configure Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi 3 mini computer. Students will build a web enabled LED lamp and spend the course attempting to breach it’s security using the penetration testing capabilities of the Kali system. As new attacks are learned, the LED lamp’s security will be improved until it is impenetrable to basic attack. All students will leave with their own RPi Computer and an image of both the LED lamp and the Kali penetration testing platform.

Start Date

First Week of February


TBD – contact james@tnsatlanta.org if you are interested! 

Program Length

8 Weeks

Min/Max Students





Dale Adams TNS XDale Adams is a sonic/visual “Architek” at Architek One, a sound designer, developer of virtual Realities, transmedia producer, designer and data visualizer. 

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