Electronic Music Production

Learn about the music production process — including recording, editing, mixing, sharing — and the tools available to help you to create music on your computer.

About the Program

Topics Include:

  • Recording and capturing sounds, fabricated and environmental
  • Editing and sequencing audio
  • Music Structure and arrangement
  • Mixing multiple audio sources
  • Uploading and sharing your audio works

Start Date

September 8th



Program Length

10 Weekly Sessions

Min/Max Students



$130* Students may also need to purchase a controller (that they will then keep for good) at an additional cost of up to $99.


Ryan NoiseRyan Noise is a professional electronic music specialist and consultant that coaches students, to be self-sufficient music producers, capable of working in professional situations. He obtains years of experience  teaching in the public school system, computer programming and live audio visual performance. Working in various production environments, of all caliber levels, has given Ryan a unique perspective on music and music production through the lens of technology, and a passion to share his knowledge with the youth of the community.

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