Teaching Partners

The New School partners with a range of organizations and individuals, extending the classroom into the community and vice versa. Our project based learning curriculum, extra curricular classes, and speaker series serve as an integral part of the curriculum to provide incredible opportunities for our students to become inspired by exceptional individuals who can bring their academic and project work to life. New School Teaching Partners don’t just come to The New School to give a lecture, they get to know our students and the work they are doing, acting as mentors when appropriate. The speaker series format is similar to a start-up accelerator program speaker series with extensive time for Q&A and interactive workshops. Speakers are greeted and introduced by a students and in many cases, a student leader moderates the session or panel. 

Chuck Reese TNS Speaker Series

2014 Teaching Partners include… 

  • Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) 
  • Austin Dickson (Literacy Action) 
  • Candice Jordan (Families First) 
  • Atiba Mbiwan (Zeist Foundation) 
  • Lisa and Jeff Adler (Horizon Theatre) 
  • KC Decker (Booze Allen Hamilton) 
  • Robbie Brown (New York Times) 
  • Chuck Reece (The Bitter Southerner) 
  • Nadia Bredthauer (Pro Pueblo) 
  • Sharath Mekala (Village Defense) 
  • Gregor Turk (Public Artist) 
  • ??? (10,000 Villages)  
  • ??? (Atlanta Mission)