The Entrepreneurship Program Launches

The New School Entrepreneurship Program kicked off last week with the $5 challenge. Participants (the entire 11th grade class) had just an evening to plan, $5 in cash, and 2 hours (on an awkward Thursday morning) to earn as much money and create as much social value as possible in the time. This afternoon the teams astonished a panel of judges as they presented their results and reflections.

Highlights included:
– Dropping Pokemon Lures on the Beltline to attract more people to a busking viola player.
– Washing car windows, while simultaneously sourcing new potential entrepreneur partners for the program (making a $62 profit in about an hour!)
– A glorious pivot from selling water in Piedmont park to giving away water for free advice (and donations).
– Selling deliveries from the local coffee shop to lowerclassmen stuck in other classes.
– Reinvesting profits into One Acre Fund.
– A donut raffle.
– One team (unsuccessfully) attempted to re-invest the $12 profit they had just made in another team.
– One group even managed to sell their presentation slot to a tutoring company (the Facebook publicity here is a nice bonus they didn’t know they were getting – Success Prep Tutoring)!

And lots and lots of valuable lessons – the $5 turned out to be a red herring, and that the students already had the creativity, skills and resourcefulness to earn a profit and add tremendous value.

Thanks to our judges, Lauren Weiniger (Growth City Partners), Jason Long(Tangent Solutions), and Marshall Seese Jr. (Mogwli), for their excellent input, questions, and support!