Thicker Hied

Zoe 3


It’s a bit of a personal piece about sensitivity. I’ve always been a sensitive person before, and I think I’ve grown to take some hits and hit back myself. But this piece is supposed to be a reflection of that feeling of wanting “thicker hide” and struggling to gain it.

Growing up I’ve always been an overly sensitive person at times. I’ve been told before that I need to be less sensitive or “grow some skin”, and while I like to think that I have learned to take hits and hit back myself, I’m still sensitive. It’s not that easy for me to be apathetic or not care, and often when I do it’s when I’m tired or agitated. This piece is supposed to represent the struggle of gaining that “Thicker Hide” that you want, to be less sensitive to what’s said to you and around you. It’s not just a personal reflection, but hopefully a piece that other people can understand or relate to on their own level.