A Reflection on Silence


This is probably one of my most formal comics I’ve made so far, I wanted to try proper panelling and more expressive storytelling. I remembered how the panelling of comics and graphic novels I read went, and I applied that to a rough storyboard to sculpt out the shape before digitally inking it. As for the actual story, the comic idea just came up in my head when I was thinking of ideas. It’s not really anything personal, it doesn’t have to be personal, but I suppose it was just me thinking about connections between peace and quiet, and how sometimes it’s not really silent when it’s peaceful. For the moments where it is silent, it’s often uncomfortable, for me at least. And I wondered, “Why? Why does it make me uncomfortable when it’s totally quiet?” and I realized that maybe it’s because I’m more aware that I’m alone. I’m accustomed to hearing the fan in my hallway whenever I go to sleep, and some form of white noise when I travel and stay at other places. It’s a familiar, comforting sort of sound.

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