Visual Art Portfolio


This collection of works is a sample of the paintings from my portfolio. I normally create a lot of fantastical or cartoonish pieces of artwork. I get my inspiration from my surroundings or the music I listen to. As I listen to music, these images pop up in my head and I think, “Oh hey that would be pretty cool to try and paint.” It doesn’t always work out, but often the results are pretty good. There aren’t many hidden meanings behind my artwork – I normally just create what I think would look nice as it’s gratifying to create something ‘just because.’


The materials I use are a huge jumble of mixed media including inks and watercolors. I like how they can create cool bleeding effects on the paper, plus it’s easy for me to use and one medium that I’m more familiar with. For finishing details, I use colored pencils, reflective paint, and tape for some surface adornments, along with a white pen for highlights or cleaning up mistakes. I use holographic and washi tape that I laid out on the page and cut with an exacto knife to get some cool patterns. I think some shimmer can add to the piece or make it pop or stand out in a way. 

Zoe 9 Zoe 10 Zoe 11 Zoe 12