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Our business was started to fill a need in the service dog community where proper service dog gear is typically too expensive for people with disabilities to afford. We strive to provide affordable service dog gear that fits the handler’s needs at a price much lower than typical market value, yet still able to create a profit that goes back into our business to continue to make gear for other disabled handlers. In selling at a smaller profit margin and a lower production cost our business makes it so that a wider range of people can afford service dog gear.

The Problem and Our Solution

In the service dog community, it is not uncommon for people to encounter fake service dogs while in public. These fake service dogs often jeopardize the safety and stability of their handlers in a number of ways. Because of the fake service dogs’ lack of training, they often can give a bad rep for the real service dog community and their handlers by misbehaving in public. When this happens businesses are more likely to turn a service dog handler away from their establishment regardless of Federal rules and regulations. This can be dangerous for a handler with a service dog trained to perform life-saving tasks on a daily basis. This relates to our business because in general, a fake service dog wears an inexpensive vest that they have purchased from sites such as Amazon. When fake service dog handlers purchase these vests there is an adverse effect on the service dog community where establishments use these vests as a marker to identify fake service dogs whether or not it is a legitimate service dog team.

Stella & Levi Co. 15<<<< This a fake service dog wearing an inexpensive vest that the owner had purchased from a website such as Amazon. Because this is a common vest for fake service dogs to wear, many businesses tag all dogs wearing these vests as fakes. While the majority of the dogs wearing them are fake service dogs, there are some handlers who simply can not afford a nicer vest. This causes public access issues when the service dog team goes into public. Our solution is that we are creating hand-made, high quality yet inexpensive service dog gear for these handlers who are in need of it.


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My name is Stella and I am the visionary for this project! I am also a Junior at The New School in Atlanta. I am the creator of our products and enjoy sewing and crafting in my free time. I rely on my team as a rock to make sure that our business stays afloat and ensure that we are financially responsible. I currently have a service dog in training of my own, Levi, who has opened my eyes to this need in the service dog community.


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