What citizen do i want to be?


I wrote a paper about what type of citizen i want to be. I went over some experiences i went through and I wrote about how i would plan to become this citizen. I am ver proud of this project because it shows what type of person I strive to be.

I chose this project because it really expresses how I feel about people and things. It also shows my Ideas about things and my plans for the future. I just feel like this really expresses me and the little parts or me.


What citizen I want to be

In the future, I want to be a person who cares about others, fights for what’s right, and I want to be in a financially stable place. I’m going to start explaining why I want to be financially stable. Ever since I was a young girl, I have been taught to invest in my money, make investments, and be wise. Not only was I taught to invest, but for my benefit, I decided to try to plan my life to be somewhat successful and stable financially. I also want to make plans in the future to invest in stocks at a younger age so I can have some sort of income and when I’m still young I want to make sure that I’m saving some sort of fraction of my money. I also want to be a person that cares about other people and I want to help them. When I would ride home or just ride around anywhere I would see some people on the side of the road and they would be asking for food or water and I would just look at them and then do nothing it was the worst feeling for me, knowing that I could not do anything for them. I only remember one time when I was driving home with this woman and she gave this man on the side of the road some food and that was the first time I’ve never seen anybody do that before, and then my dad did it one time and I was thinking what if I did that. I have realized that they are not in my inner universe or obligation I owe nothing to them I don’t know them and they don’t know me so why do I feel obligated to help them? I think I have empathy for them I don’t believe that anybody should have to be homeless or have to worry about getting food. I also want to fight for what is right like BLM or climate change. I want to advocate to make a change I don’t want to help blindly either I want to educate myself and find what I can do to help. Then again I want to say that I feel empathy for people and I will help if it does affect me or anything that I’m a part of.