Sam 9

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These two paintings represent my progress as an artist over the past 5-6 years. One is digital, and one is traditional acrylic. I used the same prompt in both but applied my skill set differently in each. When I was little, I wanted to make a lot of “pretty girls” that I felt were conventionally attractive or looked better than I did. I strayed away from that as I’ve matured, knowing that this isn’t really important to me or my art. I like focusing on skeletons because I like looking at anatomy without external features. With external features, there’s judgment. With skeletons, there aren’t beauty standards, so it was fun to mess around with that. I’m particularly proud of the composition; I wanted the composition and the colors to be intentional. I learned a lot about planning my art out and taking my time. I’m really proud of how they turned out as well as the progress I’ve made since I started drawing as a tiny 10 year old.