Figure Painting Business


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I am the founder of Boss Paints, a commission miniature painting business created through the Entrepreneurship class at TNS. But let’s back up, you might be asking “what even is miniature painting?” Well, miniatures are normally small plastic, resin, or mettle figures that are a part of many tabletop games, for example Warhammer 40k. Many people enjoy painting these miniatures, but a lot of people either don’t have the time or aren’t confident enough to paint them themselves. So that is where my business comes in! Customers send me their unpainted minis and I paint them using my collections of acrylic paints and tiny brushes to any style, theme, or color scheme the customer wants. I then send it back to them perfectly painted, all for a price that works for them. 

Two years ago I started playing a Star Wars miniature game and was painting stormtroopers. The paint jobs weren’t that great back then, but it was a start.  I have been a part of this hobby and community ever since and have slowly grown my skills and knowledge within the hobby. However, during the past semester in Entrepreneurship, I had to start a business using the skills I had learned, so I decided to merge my passion for miniature painting and the skills I learned in class to turn it into a business. Thank you for supporting Boss Paints and please visit my website: https://sites.google.com/tnsatlanta.org/ramsey-jones/home

If you wish to purchase my service, then please check out my Fiverr page.