Rachel W

Rachel W


What is Clue?

For film, Clue became a test of our skills as adapting filmmakers and editors working with people outside of our elective for the first time. It was a chance to learn how creating a film of something else, for someone else, works. While it has been very different from the smaller, more personal projects we’ve done in the class, it’s been incredibly rewarding to assist the TNS Drama class in sharing their production with a wider audience than just who could make it to the performance. 

What was your role in Clue?

The film class primarily documented the behind the scenes and final performances of the show. Because of covid restrictions, not as many people could see the show live like in past years. By recording it, we have made an opportunity for more people than ever to see the show for years to come. We also took over compiling and running all the sound effects which were used within the show. 

Biggest Struggle?

There were quite a few struggles working on this project. There were communication errors, faulty equipment, missing equipment, time crunches, and probably more that I’ve blocked out for sheer benefit of my psyche. That being said, we are very keen on thinking on our feet so even when problems do arise we’re capable of finding a solution quickly. The biggest struggle that comes to mind for me is sound. We compiled all the sound effects for the show (which adds up in a 90-minute production) and then mapped them to a piano keyboard so that someone could press a button and the effect or music would play. This was all done within around 5 days of the first show and was quite the crunch.

What did you learn from it?

Through this project, we learned a lot about how to apply what we learned in the classroom to working in a semi-professional space with people who were depending on us. We also learned a lot about adapting to other people’s expectations for a project. We went into this with one understanding of the final product and as things progressed, the final product changed quite a bit. But it still remained a fulfilling and fun experience.