Oshun Body Goods

Oshun Body Goods

Founder: Amar Quick



The start of Oshun Body Goods was from an inspiration from a Science project. A classmate and I both did a project on Soap making, and it was very fun, even though my first attempt of making soap went horribly wrong. I also liked body oils, and had recently learned that it was better to use oils instead of perfumes because the perfumes can give you many illnesses and I had developed a goal to make healthy skincare products. I started Oshun during Kwanzaa on December 29, 2017 when I sold some body oils, and ever since then, I loved doing this.

The name, Oshun (oh-shoon) comes from the name derived from the Yoruba & Fon goddess Oshun; the goddess of beauty, purity, and love. She represents this brand because beauty represents the natural beauty every person has within themselves, purity which represents the natural ingredients, and love represents how you will feel after trying theses products.


Oshun Body Goods is a bath goods business that uses natural ingredients to create healthy and organic bath and body products made without the use of chemicals. These past few months have been spent planning and marketing a sale for May 27th. I worked on making and improving products like the oil to sugar ratio in the sugar scrubs, and I have worked on marketing the business by sending out email campaigns and working on an instagram business account, @oshunbodygoods. There has been a large amount of work put into this business in order to make it just right.



Oshun Body ScrubThe honeydew body butter is a moisturizing skin cream with the summertime fragrance of honeydew

OshunThe honeydew sugar scrub is a natural product for smoother skin with the summertime fragrance of honeydew

Body OilThe honeydew body oil will create the amazing aroma of summertime and fun


OshunThe Bouquet body butter is a moisturizing cream that holds a floral fragrance of cherry blossoms and jasmine.

BouquetThe Bouquet sugar scrub is a natural product for making your skin smooth while giving you a beautiful floral fragrance of cherry blossom and jasmine.

Oshun Body Goods 3The bouquet body oil is a mixture of cherry blossom and jasmine fragrance oils that create a floral fragrance that reminds you of May flowers


OshunThe Osiris body butter is a luxurious skin moisturizer that will leave you feeling like the pharaohs and gods of Egypt while having smooth skin


Amar Quick BriarBriar is a fragrance that represents boldness and confidence. This is the perfect fragrance for the boldest people. It uses cedar wood oil as well as hints of jasmine and lavender.


*Amar is a 10th grade student and hasn’t started The New School’s formal entrepreneurship program yet! Way to go, Amar!

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