I am the founder of Oshun (oh-shoon)  body goods. Oshun body goods is a natural skincare line that delivers goods straight to you. Our products include body butters, sugar scrubs, and body oil. They are all made from natural ingredients and unlike other skincare and bath goods companies, and they are made with ingredients that are good for everyone.


One of the many things that have had an impact on my business is the pandemic and, of course, the entrepreneurship class. I have had this business for a few years now, and it started off as more of a way to make a little bit of money, but during the pandemic, I decided to “re-launch” the business. Normally, that would not end up going well for a business to decide to relaunch during a pandemic that also led to a recession. However, most likely due to the delivery of products, my business grew from May through June. Today, It is still growing and I am excited to see where its growth leads to.


The Entrepreneurship class has also helped very much because it has helped me not only grow and look forward, but to also take a step back. While taking the class, I was able to look at who exactly my target market is, what my own entrepreneurial attributes are, and how to make a pitch. This business is very important to me because it is a way for me to make my own money and give myself some independence. It also helps me work on discipline, organization, and self determination. To see what Oshun body goods is up to, follow us on Instagram.


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