Ophelia Moonshot by Giselle Psyarc

Ophelia Moonshot by Giselle Psyarc

Clothing for the existentially pissed off


Ophelia Moonshot works on a made-to-order basis so that there is never more clothing produced than demanded to cut down on textile waste. New collections and pieces will be released every few months and added to the website for purchase in sizes XS through XXL. The initial launch, titled Heteronullify (think the designer’s take on the 1980s taking on the 1940s), will be coming in the next few months featuring four pieces that can be styled into two looks. Pictures of two of the samples from Heteronullify can be found throughout the above website funding proposal. For updates on Ophelia Moonshot, check the designer’s instagram, @psyarc.

This is an investment pitch that was made to the investment committee at The New School. For more information on how to support this entrepreneur, please contact trish.miller@tnsatlanta.org 

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