She Kills Monsters video director's cut


Fall 2019 Drama Performance of She Kills Monsters Student Run and Student Directed
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HI! My name is Olle Wurtzel, I am a current junior at the New School and I was the Director, as well as an actor, in the recorded performance you are about to see. I had so much fun directing this piece and I couldn’t have done it without my amazing cast all of whom are wonderful people and a true delight to work with. This came out amazingly and is the performance that I am most proud of in all my time at TNS. I hope you enjoy the show!

This is a full length cut of our original performance, it runs approximately one hour and forty five minutes. Please spend your time looking at other presentations during the exhibition as this is quite long but the video will be available afterwards.


Stage Manager- Katie Cutts
Assistant Stage Manager- Sam Stubbs
Director- Olle Wurtzel
Technical Director- Gabe Howland
Stage Hands- Olive Weeks and Giselle Psyarc

Narrator- James Brathwaite
Tilly Evans- Emerson Brasfield
Agnes Evans- Naomi Wurtzel
Chuck- Naia Morgan
Miles- Sam Stubbs
Lilith/Lily- Rachel Weitzel
Kaliope/Kelly- Leigh Howland
Orcus/Ronnie- Olle Wurtzel
Vera- Ella Lefkowicz
Steve- Hakim Sankofa
Bugbears/Misc Monsters- Ramsey Jones, Ace Kinkopf, and Alex O’Bradovich
Farrah- Alex O’Bradovich
Succubi- Alex O’Bradovich and Gem Moyo
Sound Designer– James Brathwaite

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