Quarantine Video Diary

Niles’ Pandemic Adventures from Niles Johnson on Vimeo.


My project is a video journal of what I’ve experienced and learned during the pandemic lock-down. Because we can’t all go out and socialize the way we usually do, I thought I would show the world how I am handling the current pandemic at home: learning new things, improving skills I have, and staying connected from a distance. I hope others can be inspired by my pandemic time capsule to do new things they have never done before! The journal covers a four-week time span and highlights each week, displaying things that I like to do during quarantine. Since most of what you see in the video is from home and you are watching this from home, the video also reflects the fact that we have come to a new way of how we do things–whether that is leaving the house, going on walks, or even greeting each other in public. It has affected everyone on this planet, and we all have to be ready to adapt. So take in what you see and enjoy. Thank you!

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