Bike Photography

I’m Nick, I’m 18 and a senior at TNS. I’ve been interested in photography since I was 8 and primarily do bird and wildlife photography. Next year I will be attending the University of Georgia seeking a biology degree with a minor in photography. My goal with this is to someday become a national geographic photographer. I’ve been doing semi-professional photography now for almost 3 years and my internship this year at TNS was with Brook Hewitt, a local photographer, and author in Atlanta. I would join her on her shoots as well as assistant teach her children’s photography class at my former middle school arbor Montessori

Since mid-march, almost every day I’ve gone out biking trying to take pictures of the things I see during the quarantine. I thought it would be interesting to create a photo journal of everything happening around us in the world we live in today. I would spend my time during weekends, after school, and during PE class to bike around the city taking pictures of buildings, cars, people, and more. I’ve also used this as an opportunity to expand my range as a photographer. Biking is difficult with a large camera set up as I would normally take on a shoot, so I’ve adapted by taking the majority of my pictures on my phone. Because of this, it’s become difficult to take pictures of birds and other wildlife I see around me, so I’ve also used this opportunity to take pictures of things around me I normally would miss. It has truly been a great opportunity. So far during the time that school has been out I’ve also sold two of the pictures I’ve taken on my bike. I’m excited to continue this as long as I can. It’s been an eventful opportunity.

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These are 16 of my favorite photos

Nick 1

April 2nd – building off Memorial Drive, right by the school

Nick 1

April 13th – An abandoned house off Candler Rd (one of the ones sold)

Nick 2

April 13th – Fence barbed wire behind a church off Candler Rd (one of the ones sold)

Nick 3

April 17th – Old truck on Brook Ave NE in Candler Park

Nick 4

April 25th – An old car in an auto shot off Candler Rd

Nick 5

April 27th – the side of business off Medlock Rd

Nick 6

May 8th – A spray-painted banner by Pullman Yards

Nick 7

May 13th – The side of Hopkin’s Labs (the old mental health institution) off Briarcliff Rd NE

Nick 8

May 13th – Backside of Hopkin’s Labs (the old mental health institution) off Briarcliff Rd NE

Nick 9

May 13th – abandon greenhouse next to Hopkin’s Labs off Briarcliff Rd

Nick 10

April 4th – Man walking down Candler Rd

Nick 11

March 29th – Front of Pullman Yards

Nick 12

March 29th – Burned down house off of Memorial Drive

Nick 13

March 29th – Abandon gas station off Glenwood

Nick 14

March 31st – Used car lot off Candler

Nick 15

April 1st – Krog St tunnel