"Starry" Musical Set Design

Starry Set Design by Naia on Vimeo.


I am really interested in theatre set design, so for my project I decided to make a model set for the musical Starry. I chose Starry for several reasons, first being that I love the album. They released a concept album in early 2020 and it was really beautiful and really inspired me. It’s about Vincent Van Gogh and his relationships, from his friends in Montmartre or his very close brother and his wife (who ends up being the main reason for his notoriety now). The musical had one full run in LA, where they were at a dinner theatre type venue, so there was not much set design. This also worked for me so I could create something entirely original. For the set, I took a bit of a metaphorical approach and had the different backdrops of the specific scenes turn and eventually all become the title painting. I took inspiration from paintings of Van Gogh and some of his friends and the music.

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