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EAA Bridge Project- Written Essay

This bridge is named “The Aster Bridge” after a variety of flower in the daisy family native to Edmonton, Canada, where the bridge is located. The Aster Bridge would be built specifically for biking, replacing the current High Level Bridge. As Edmonton is a very environmentally conscious city, some architectural goals of this bridge include using minimal materials but still being supportive of a load, and blending in with the greenery of the surrounding city.

The Aster Bridge is a Howe Truss bridge, and is constructed mainly from carbon steel. This bridge fits into this scenario in a technical aspect because it doesn’t use very expensive materials, while still being able to support the weight of/be wide enough for an emergency vehicle passing over it. As there are not as many forces being applied to the vertical and diagonal beams near the center, these are made from hollow tubes as opposed to solid bars. 

 The bridge also fits into the scenario artistically, taking into consideration the appearance and goals of Edmonton. It is painted a deep shade of green so as to only contrast slightly from the area around it, and has a rooftop garden to provide a pleasant view and clean air for those in the city. Though the roof aspect means using more materials, it is well worth the weather protection and garden that make the bridge unique. 

Designing this bridge was an interesting way to see how different physics concepts apply to the real world. It showed the balance of using artistic elements and strong materials while keeping the bridge cost effective, which takes thorough consideration and the running of many tests. It helped to show the creativity and realisticness required for all people involved in the creation of a bridge.