Progression of learning how to create a clothing brand

Leigh 5ABOUT

As a freshman at TNS this year I really wanted to take advantage of using my project’s time to better set me up with a diverse skillset for years to come at TNS. So in January when we started a project about learning how to code, specifically create your own website, I really wanted to use this opportunity to make skills that I could use later. Knowing that all juniors get to participate in an entrepreneur class replacing projects in 10th grade, I thought that it would be cool to learn some skills around creating a clothing brand website. I have always been interested in clothing design, however, I had never really gotten into it. So I chose to direct my work for that semester to working on creating a website that I could use to sell things, specifically clothing. Then once we were able to have a very free individual project for the second part of the semester I decided to continue on that path. Durning the individual projects I worked on the actual clothing design aspects of a clothing brand, the type of stuff you have to manage about money going into the business, and how much you make. Along with the actual work that goes into making designs. For the project I didn’t really want to create a clothing brand, rather I wanted to create skills and experiences that would give me the ability to experience what it would be like, and get a foot in the door skill-wise.

Leigh 6I thought that it would be cool to make a few designs that were more focused on the current social statute, with COVID-19. I thought it would be cool to express what my experience with the pandemic is, and also have something I created during this time in reference to it. I have been able to throughout about a few months come up with a bunch of ideas of designs, order some clothing prices, and hand embroider a design that I liked the most to the front of the crewneck.
When we where asked what where we most proud of this year, this came to mind first. This is because I have been proud of the amount of progress that I have shown in knowledge about how designing a clothing brand works, and also because I have been able to pretty much set up an opportunity for me to continue working on. Whether this is a project that I pursue over the summer, or come back to it in my junior year. I am proud that I have created this. Also throughout the pandemic, I have been able to create something that at least for me represents what I am going through during these times, and I am really proud of that




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