TNS Newspaper

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I am the most proud of creating the newspaper club this semester, I want my exhibition to be one of the student pages on the website with the addition that was released this semester along with a short description from me. I am really proud of the skills of editing that I masted this semester and am excited for people to see it.

This semester I started a newspaper club at TNS. This was an extremely cool experience for me as the editor and founder of the club because I was able to get a group of really talented writers together and really work on editing skills along with leadership and writing myself. I am interested in journalism as a career and so it was really cool for me to bring that passion to TNS. The idea to start this club I’ve had for a while, and over winter holiday break I was really excited to start it up. We had an awesome group of writers, Ana Hoeferle, Naomi Shaw, Rafi Lister, and Andrew Earnest. They each brought their own specific talents to the group and passions and it showed in our issue released. I am really proud of the issue released and it has been an overall amazing experience.