LEBAL - A Work In Progress

LEBAL: How it started

This year I created my business for my entrepreneurship class, LEBAL. It was designed for young people found in the metro Atlanta area that want to express themselves in traditional clothing whether it is just for fun or to perform a dance.


In the metro Atlanta area there isn’t an accessible store/person to fix, make or sell traditional dresses, shirts, and suits


I make Traditional Dresses and suits for adolescents of Hispanic who do traditional dancing during the holidays, events or just for fun.


LEBAL is qualified enough to fulfill this task because I have the quality and skills to give my customers what they need and want in a finished product.


Leslye Bio PicMy name is Leslye, I am a 17 year old student at the New School. I am the founder of LEBAL and am looking to provide the best quality and quantity of product my clients ask for. I developed my love for my culture at a very young age and always dreamed of helping others in a different way that could make a great impact on both myself and others.

For more information or to follow up, you can reach me @ leslye.alvarez@tnsatlanta.org