BLM Painting


This painting is exactly what it looks like: a silhouette of a Black girl. Even though it’s a silhouette, you might be able to see the subtle tear stains I’ve decided to include on her face. It’s a simple representation of what’s been happening recently. Recent, past, and current injustices have not only affected my people as a whole, but also make our lives miserable and dark as individuals. I, personally, have spurts of happiness, but then I remind myself of how Black people and other minorities are treated and the fact that a large percentage of people don’t care to change it. This painting is simple, so the message I intended to send by making it a silhouette can be interpreted in a number of ways. I did this to represent the recurring problem of people seeing Black people as just a group fighting for rights and not as actual individuals with different lives and stories. We’re just a vague outline to so many people. We’re all fighting for the same rights, but there are other rights and different people in the Black community are fighting for as well – and we shouldn’t have to, and we wouldn’t if people would take the time to fully look at us as actual people. People deserve rights. This is the BLM piece that I’ve been meaning to do since July. I’m very happy that I’m able to do it now and show it to you all. 


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