Be-Leaf Crossing

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Be-Leaf Crossing

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Written Essay-

The bridge I designed is named Be-leaf Crossing. This is a play on words based on the aesthetic design of my bridge. My bridge is located in Calistoga, California and crosses a 79 foot river, spanning 20 feet wide. Designed to be a pedestrian bridge, Be-leaf Crossing can accommodate emergency vehicles when necessary. My main goal during the design process was to make my bridge aesthetically pleasing and blend in with its surroundings, as to not disturb and/or distract from the beauty of the nature around it.  

 The drawing designed for my bridge is a mix between a cable stayed bridge and a tied arch bridge. It will be made of a few different materials including wood, glass, steel, and cables. The bridge I designed needed to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and fit in with the scenario. I achieved that by creating a design that has many gaps and open areas in the structure for sunlight to pass through, as to not affect the section of the river below or near my bridge. As well, the walking path of my bridge will be partly made of glass. I will incorporate wood into some of the lesser load bearing beams of my bridge and cables to make the design more unique, and act as a railing to pedestrians.  

 The virtual design I made in Bridge Designer is an arch with a tower design in the middle, similar to the one I drew, but with less detail. I did my best to shape the bridge the same as I did my sketch to make sure the bridge would be able to sustain the weight of my design. However there are no cables in my virtual design and no variety of materials used. If it is made of solid carbon steel beams and is estimated to cost around $400,000.

The most important aspects of my bridge are safety, aesthetic, and making as little negative environmental impact as possible. I found the overall design process to be easier then I had expected and I was able to be more creative with my process then I initially thought. 


Presentation Video- https://flipgrid.com/35ed67e3

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