Janiya Williams

Janiya Williams

An Art Project: Weather Interpretation

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    This project is all about abstract views and weather. I’ve picked three weather events and drawn them biased on how I see them, how pictures of it look and a few interpretations of how they form/occur. Art has always been a passion for me, ever since I was young, same goes for weather. Weather has always been a curious topic for me since its a strange subject, there’s multiple weathers events and each has a different way they could happen. The finished pieces show my love for art, abstract and weather.

    I chose this project because I’ve always had a strong connection to art and weather. I’ve been an aspiring artist as long as I can remember, same goes for weather. I’ve always had a curiosity of weather and how exactly it works especially in different places and regions. By mixing the two, I can show my love for both and I have the special ability to fully show my interpretation of weather events through my art. By sharing this, it means that I could also fuel a love for weather and art and an inspiration for other artist.