Janiya Williams

Janiya Williams






    My exhibition is a photo gallery of pictures I took of murals around the Beltline area using my Canon Camera.

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    The first time I was formally introduced to Photography was in 2014. This was the first or second time I went to New York, and my father bought me this tiny white camera. During my time in New York I had many new experiences; I went to the top of the World Trade Center, went into Central Park, and witnessed was murals being made for the first time. Not only did this spring my love of New York and art, but I also started to gain interest in photography. 


    I have never taken professional classes. Over the time of quarantine, I’ve decided to try to teach myself basic photography skills with help of the internet. I’m very fond of this new idea since I’ve always been a creative and artistic person. Throughout this quarantine, I’ve learned the basics of photography: camera angles, controlling of lighting, shutter speed, and much more. Not only has this been entertaining for me, but gives me a change of perspective and chance to leave the house (socially distancing and wearing a mask, of course.)


    The finished piece has a connection to me since I live in Atlanta. I’m proud to look around and always see some kind of artwork that had a meaning or simply took a lot of hard work, and living in Atlanta gives me constant inspiration. These photos are a mix of inspiration from the art located in Atlanta and a way to express my profound love I have for the city. You can always find some kind of art and inspiration to look at, and this makes this project so important to me.