WE[r]0THER, is a streetwear fashion brand founded on the values of suicide prevention, sustainability, and community in Atlanta. 100% of the pieces are made from recycled clothing, all of the jobs we provide are for Atlanta residents ( or youth in Georgia ), and 10% of all of the profits go towards climate change and or mental health charities. Inside all of our pieces is the national suicide hotline, and our mission is to impact the culture of fashion in Atlanta. No longer should residents spend money supporting brands that don’t care, not contribute positively in their communities. The idea is the more we sell the more jobs residents receive, the more we can donate, more opportunities we can provide towards those with mental health issues, the closer we come to a cleaner planet, and most importantly the more art we can provide towards the people.

We r other

*Jackson is in 9th grade and hasn’t started The New School’s formal entrepreneurship program yet! Way to go, Jackson!