"Four Years in The Making."


Hi, my name is Imani! I am eighteen years old and a soon-to-be graduate of The New School Atlanta. I am also a published author and graphic designer. Growing up, I wasn’t one to verbally express myself. I was shy and socially awkward throughout middle school. I went through a depression and didn’t know how to properly express that I needed help. Soon I realized that I was expressing my feelings through my art and writing. Five years later, I continue to tell small stories of my life and my experiences through my art and stories.

High school has been a crazy roller coaster ride. I have grown up significantly over the past four years and that is not only reflected in my newfound “maturity” (I’m still a giant kid), but in my artistic abilities. Here I wanted to showcase my old designs, loosely redrawn about four years later. I’m still not completely confident in my skills (which further shows that I still have a lot of growing up to do), but I really hope you enjoy them.

catgirl(imani) Imani 5 Imani 6