These are a couple of pieces I have chosen to show out of my college portfolio. I have included still lifes, figures, and character developments. I used charcoal, oil paint, acrylic paint, and Procreate, a digital art program.

Gigi 15 

Charcoal Still Life

This is a still life I did of a statue in my art studio. I created this piece using vine charcoal and used a needed eraser for the very light areas. I decided to do this piece mostly to demonstrate my knowledge of lights and dark contrast. 

Gigi 16


Acrylic Still Life 

This is another still life piece done from live objects in my studio. I did this using Winsor Newton acrylic paint on a medium-sized canvas. I made this one to demonstrate my usage of color theory and volume. 


Gigi 17


Pig lady 

I did this painting from a sketch of a live model I had decided to elaborate on. I wanted to do something unique so I decided to include a pig. This painting was my first time using oil paint so I did a lot of experimenting with techniques. 

Gigi 18 Gigi 19 Gigi 20


Figure drawing 

These are all 2 to 5-minute figure sketches from a virtual live model. They depicted both the internal and external structure of the model.


Gigi 21


Character design 

This is the character turnaround sheet for my character Percy the pangolin. I made him to bring awareness to the endangerment of the Pangolin species. A turnaround sheet is a character guide to help animators understand the structure and anatomy of a character.