The Misadventures Of Fatty Patty Halloween Edition


The Misadventures Of Fatty Patty Halloween Edition is an animatic and storyboard created by a student and aspiring animator named Gigi Frangos. She originally wrote this story in the sixth grade but decided to revamp it and make it into an animatic for her film class at The New School of Atlanta.

Gigi 17 These are very basic character references for both Patty and Cat. When designing the characters, I went for very simplistic designs. This way, if I decide to make a fully colored and rendered animation with these characters, making in-between frames would be easy. I also made sure to use simple shape language to emphasize the character’s personalities such as soft circles for Patty who is friendly and relaxed; and spiky triangles for Cat who is more uptight and jumpy.

Gigi 18These are the rough paper storyboards. Before making the story into a digital animatic, I first did the storyboards on paper to get the general actions and concepts down. This way, I was not going in blindly into the digital animatic and I had a plan of what the frames were going to look like and how they were going to move.

Gigi 19 Gigi 20 Gigi 21 Gigi 22 Gigi 23 Gigi 24

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