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From Mia With Love

From Mia With Love



Mia Kuperminc is a junior at The New School in Atlanta. She is passionate about fashion and making people at least a little happier in any way possible, and sees this business as an opportunity to combine those things. She has been making jewelry for several years and is excited to share it with others. She hopes her jewelry can add a bit of joy to the lives of its wearers.


I have always loved wearing jewelry, but I first encountered jewelry making in an elective class in the 8th grade. I quickly found that I enjoyed it and began to consider doing it on my own at home. Soon, I realized it was a hobby that I could one day turn into a business. I did a few sales through the years as I improved my skills, until From Mia With Love was launched in fall 2019.


Often, handmade jewelry is quite expensive, making it inaccessible to many who may be interested in special, one-of-a-kind pieces. From Mia With Love creates beautiful, unique jewelry full of personal touches at more accessible prices. You will not find styles like ours anywhere else! In addition, our jewelry is made to be worn by anyone who loves it! We hope that by using models of different gender identities, anyone who wants to express themselves through jewelry feels inspired.


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