Greenhive Program Project

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My display includes a presentation shown on my computer about the Greenhive and the work we’ve done in the program so far. This is a huge opportunity to further develop a movement of environmentalist and activists who want to feed people, while fighting climate change. Through various mediums such as landscaping, gardening, policy writing and more. I love food and cooking so knowing where my food comes from is very important for me. Sharing my passions is something that I hope will impact others and help preserve the earth we live on.

My internship at Rootsdown was a highlight of my semester and I wanted to share one of the programs I worked on. The Greenhive is a youth leadership program that works to create our future land stewards. Providing them with the knowledge, tools, and resources to protect our earth’s beautiful ecosystems and creatures, which is very important to me. The youth is the key to reversing some of the practices and social norms that desperately need to be changed. I want the future to thrive instead of slowly decay, so that is why this program is really important to me. We are recruiting 11-17 year olds to join this movement and make a difference! This presentation will showcase more of who we are and what we’ve done so far.