"Bright Future"


Bright Future is a piece I’ve been working on for a few months now. In this time I’ve thought a lot about the way our theories of revolution and organization in society relate back to the smaller scale: how we exist with and try to love each other and ourselves. Many paternalistic insults are hurled at anarchism. Indeed it is a principle that lacks much of a real course of action for change. But many people overlook the powerful truth within it, that to truly love and care for something is to give up power over it. In a relationship between two beings, coercion and inequity will always be a poison. It is a poison to others and it is a poison to ourselves. As incredibly far as we are from living those anarchist truths, the future is bright. It is bright because these truths are within us. Someone, somewhere will always see what it means to be together.

Bright Future

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