What I learned on the guitar in 3 weeks!


Brooklyn, a freshman at The New School of Atlanta, enjoys listening to music as much as she loves to play it. She finds that playing guitar is not only calming but she hopes to bring a smile to people’s faces through her learning. Throughout this school year, she wanted to highlight the things that brought her joy, which were the things that she did musically in the first and second semesters.


I have been playing guitar for about a year and a half now, and in that time I really wanted to get better at finger picking, a style of playing in which you are progressively plucking the strings creating a melody. It took me a good minute to build up the muscle memory but I did it after about three weeks of practice.

Online Love Guitar Cover from Brooklyn on Vimeo.

1. In the video you are watching, I am playing (Online Love) by Conan Gray, a thirty second interlude instrumentally. I absolutely loved learning this song and it really taught me how to get up with rhythm and create a pattern with how I play.

Best Part by H.E.R. & Daniel Caesar Guitar Cover from Brooklyn on Vimeo.

2. In the second video, I am playing Best Part by H.E.R. and Daniel Caesar. Like (Online Love), I adore this song and really wanted to use this as a song that I learned because it’s such a beautiful song to hear when it played properly, so I hope you enjoy it!

3. This third audio clip is a song that myself and TNS student (as well as my friend) Rafi Lister did together with her on vocals and me playing ukulele. During my time in Audio Production, I had never picked up a ukulele before so for this song Rafi and I played around with some melodies and agreed that ukulele was perfect for the song and I learned the chords on the spot and this is end product, I hope you enjoy listening to it!

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