Learning to Record a Song


While in quarantine, we were assigned a project in which we were asked to teach ourselves to do anything we wanted to learn that we would be able to finish in 2 weeks and was within our budget. I immediately thought about learning how to put a song together in Garageband. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for years, but now I finally had an excuse – and the time – to do it. I was very excited to do this project, for it was something I really wanted to learn about and something that would finally get me to start making music like I’ve always wanted to do.

I decided to do a cover of one of my favorite songs at the time: “Sandy” by (Sandy) Alex G. I had just recently learned it on guitar and it was super fun to play. It was definitely on the more difficult side to learn, since it required guitar picking much faster than I had ever done. But that’s what made it all the more fun to play after hours of practice.

Since the guitar picking was so fast, I decided to record the different parts of the song separately. That way I could redo a part if I needed to, and overall have a cleaner and faster transition from to the next part. The vocals were recorded with my Macbook’s microphone that I’d heard had a pretty good sound.

It took some trial and error, some Youtube videos, and some of my dad – who’s a musician – coming to help me when I was stuck, but overall I think it turned out pretty good for my first recording. My parents seem to like it too. I’m very happy that I chose to do this. It showed me how fun and simple it is to record a song. I’ve wanted to make music ever since I can remember, and now I can finally say that I have the ability to do that!




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