boundless brilliant black, traveling for eternity.

blazing stars embroidered upon silky sapphire galaxies,

silver needles weaving violet strands of universe into velvet black.

hurling through the abyss, fingertips pressed against cold glass;

envisioning new constellations, traced by one’s forefinger.

existing where none have previous, to observe the universe with new prospect,

only accompanied by the gleam of flickering stars, resting lightyears away. 


christmas eve 

silent living rooms illuminated by loosely strung christmas lights and glimmering ornaments, 

vibrant reds and greens shone through slits in the pine, casting shadowy patterns upon oak floors.

frost grasped at icy windows, blurring the dancing snowflakes on their lazy descent. 

a blanket of fresh white snow engulfs the lawn, glistening under dangling holiday lights.

children’s stockings spill with anticipation, presents yearning to be unwrapped, 

while the neighbourhood’s sluggish clocks tick in unison, awaiting dawn.



These are two poems I wrote in my free time this semester. I’ve enjoyed writing independent creative writing for years, but I typically don’t write poems. I wanted to expand my writing abilities this year, so I began practicing poetry in my free time. These two poems were my favorites. I could’ve shared a short story of some sort, but I was proud to show that I took on a challenge and felt pride in the result. I started writing these a few months ago, and they both took less than an hour to complete, but over the course of the next few weeks I opened the document and changed them a lot. Over time, the poems got a lot shorter and I worked to convey as much scenery as possible in as few words. I’ve learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses as a writer. Since I’m comfortable with writing novels and short stories, I tend to get cocky about my writing and I don’t spend a lot of time revising or critiquing it. With the poems, however, I found the challenge of a new medium as an opportunity to understand myself better as a writer. I found that I had a lot of ideas and lines to write down – I never really struggled with writer’s block – but that I had trouble with shortening or changing those ideas. I learned that I’m a stubborn writer and poetry helped push me into an environment where I had to be critical of my ideas.