Carol Poem

Arjun 3


A Carroll Poem

No, this is not a song you sing while roaming through the neighborhood in December. This is a poem that contains an effect that Lewis Carroll, the writer of Alice In Wonderland, utilized where the insertion of “nonsense words” – words that have not been given a meaning by the English language – helps to capture a unique style that makes his work stand out among other works of literature. This poem was created for an English assignment that required us to listen to the outside noise for 5 minutes and make up your own “nonsense word” based on a sound we heard. When listening to the sounds, the entire scenery seemed very poetic and there was something about them that seemed the only way to capture them was through a poem rather than blandly saying “I heard a bird and leaves.” It speaks to the importance of poetry for some writers that may struggle writing novels or stories but can capture the essence of a particular idea through a poem or song.