a movie whose title is longer than it has any right to be


Click HERE to check out behind the scenes and extras from the film! 

This film, The Inexplicable and Mostly Inconvenient Adventures of Casual-Dude and Tie-Man, shows how our group figured out how to not only create an original film but also how to do it without ever being in the same room. This semester we’d really been focusing on learning to work with green screen techniques, and this project was a culmination of that growth. We utilized everything we’d learned in class (and more) to be able to assemble this in a coherent way. 

We began by actually doing the storyboard for this project before we did the script. This is because our film teacher, Chris White, wanted us to focus on the movement more than the dialogue. It was an interesting way to go about this that none of us had ever experienced before. After the storyboard, we wrote the script, and over the next weeks, we all filmed individually in front of our DIY greenscreens. 

Ajani, our editor, handled the keying and combining of all the footage. It was quite the feat because even though all of us had been learning the same concepts, all of our set-ups were slightly different and as such our footage required different levels of care. 

In the end, we were able to make something we’re all proud of utilizing methods we’d just learned in the months and weeks before.