News From The Future Spring 2016

Newsroom From the Future (NFF) is an entrepreneurial start up project that will blossom young writers and creatives into time-traveling-world-changing journalists and media makers. The principle goal of the NewsRoom is to write brittand design a new type of newspaper that predicts a future world we want to see.

Instead of writing about how the world sadly currently is, we are writing about how amazing it can be. All of this is to be done on mid century mechanical typewriters.
Journalists of the newsroom will learn the art of classic typing, develop strategies for starting a media company, discuss the world’s most pressing issues, learn the art of blogging & web design, and be apart of an amazing team of creative visionaries who are working to bring us good news today.
Students who participate in the program also have the opportunity to generate revenue for their own personal typewriter to be taken with them at the end of program and used for a lifetime.

This program is free to all pioneers from around Atlanta who can make it to The New School on Mondays at 4:30PM and are open to changing the world.

**It’s not too late to enroll even if you have missed the first 1-2 classes!**



Session 1: Jan 16th- 4:15 Pre-Planning meeting with Editors and Journalists

Jan 18th No Class- MLK Day- At home Time Travel Assignment

Session 2: Jan 20th- 4:15 Optional follow up meeting for At Home MLK Assignment
Session 3: Jan 25th- 4:15“1st Meeting”
Session 4: Feb 1st- 4:15 2nd Meeting
Session 5: Feb 8th- 4:15 3rd Meeting

Feb 15th No Class- Mid Semester Break- At home Time Travel Assignment

Session 6: Feb 22- 4:15 4th Meeting
Session 7: Feb 29th- 4:15 5th Meeting
Session 8: March 7th- 4:15 6th Meeting
Session 9: March 14th- 4:15 7th Meeting
Session 10: March 21st- 4:15 8th Meeting
Session 11: March 28th- 4:15 9th Meeting

April 4th- No Class Spring Break Assignment
April 11th- No Class Spring Break Assignment

Session 12: April 18th- 4:15 10th Meeting
Session 13: April 25th- 4:15 11th Meeting
Session 14: May 2nd- 4:15 12th Meeting
Session 15: May 9th- 4:15 13th Meeting
Session 16: May 16th- 4:15 14th Meeting- Last one of the Semester
Exhibition Prep: May 23rd 4:15 Optional 15th Meeting For Planning Summer Writing/ Time Travel Assignments

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