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Getting the feel for a school takes time, so we offer several ways to connect with TNS during the fall and winter. The best way to begin is with a Parent Visit. Our Director of Admissions, Jill Morehouse Lum, will take time one-on-one to answer your questions and learn more about your student. Contact Jill Morehouse Lum to schedule a Parent Visit or Submit this Inquiry Form to access our Parent Visit sign-up and register for other events.

In October, you are invited to our one-and-only Fall Info Session at the Horizon Theater. What makes TNS different? Come find out. Hear from the unique individuals and communities that make this a unique opportunity. You can also register for a Virtual Information Session and Open House. 

To receive more information on admissions, contact Director of Admissions, Jill Morehouse Lum.

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I look forward to greeting you for a Virtual Parent Visit in the coming weeks and welcoming you into the world of TNS! You’ll get a sense of our curriculum, see our school in action and learn what makes TNS different from, as well as similar to, other high schools. Mostly, you will get a feel for the care, energy, and innovation that is The New School. Please call or email to learn more. We look forward to being a resource as you look at different high school options, learn about your student’s hopes and dreams, and make plans for high school!

Create an inquiry form. Click “Submit and Continue” to view options for scheduling a Parent Visit. We will add more ways to get to know TNS in the coming weeks.

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Virtual Parent Visits

During the fall semester, we invite interested parents to experience The New School – virtually and in person. We want to hear what you’re looking for in a high school and get to know your student through your eyes. Please sign up early so we can make sure to save you a spot. Interested parents are strongly encouraged to schedule a visit. For any additional questions, please email Director of Admissions Jill Morehouse Lum.

Things to know:

  • Parent Visits are offered at various times. Submit an inquiry form to be redirected to our calendar to sign up. 
  • Parent Visits are reserved for parents of students in 8th grade and above ONLY.

Virtual Information Session

Upcoming Virtual Information Sessions

  • January 6, 2022, 7:00 pm

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After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to join the meeting.

Sign up for a Virtual Information Session for prospective students and their parents. You will hear faculty and students talk about their experience as teachers and learners at The New School. You may see a scene from a student-directed play (Yes, even on Zoom!) or hear an interview with 11th graders who are in the midst of starting their own ventures as part of the entrepreneurship curriculum. What you won’t hear is a lecture. We do our best to give prospective families a feel for life at The New School.

Complete an inquiry form.  After you click “Submit and Continue” you will be invited to register for the Info Session. 

Open House Events (In-person)

Upcoming Open House

Curious about our Design program? Hear about the multi-year offerings and mentoring relationships that make teaching and learning at TNS unique. Interested in Entrepreneurship? Come see how TNS students are taking what matters to them and making it real in the world. Wondering about what’s happening right now with everything from Economics and Calculus to AP English Lang and Environmental Science? Our teachers are here for a conversation with you. The same goes for current parents and students who came from many different middle schools and neighborhoods to call TNS home; they were once in your shoes and are glad to tell you what makes TNS a great fit.

Complete an inquiry form.  After you click “Submit and Continue” you will be invited to register for an Open House.

Student Visits

In the winter (January and February), we invite students who have completed the preliminary application steps (listed below) to come for a visit where they can sit in on classes, talk to current students and meet with at least one teacher. This is a great way to get a feel for life at TNS, and for students to see if The New School would be a good fit for their high school years.

We are delighted that you are interested in applying to The New School!

To register for an event or to begin the admissions process, please create a free Ravenna Hub Account. 

Families who complete the Preliminary Application Steps (1, 2, and 3) via Ravenna by January 3, 2022, will be sent an “early bird” link for a special half-day Student Visit scheduled to begin in mid-January.

There are six parts of the application:
    1. Prospective students complete an online Student Application, including directions to upload a Graded Student Essay.
    2. Parent(s) complete an online Parent Application, including an intent to apply for financial aid. Feel free to collaborate!
    3. An application fee of $60 will complete your Preliminary Application Steps. To request that the fee be waived, email Jill Morehouse Lum.
    4. Teacher Recommendation Forms are completed online. The link to the Recommendation Forms will be “delegated” to your English and Math teachers when you submit teacher email addresses on Ravenna. Give them plenty of time to submit these by the priority application deadline of February 15, 2022. In the alternative, if your student attends an AAAIS middle school, you may have your student’s school forward the completed AAAIS forms in lieu of the TNS Teacher Recommendation Forms.
    5. Delegate via Ravenna or print and submit a Transcript Request Form to your student’s current school.
    6. Students who have completed the Preliminary Application Steps on Ravenna will be invited for a half-day Student Visit (shadow day/interview) in January or February. Because we are a small school and work hard to protect the learning environment of our current students, we may not be able to accommodate all students for a school visit/interview. We encourage you to complete the Preliminary Application Steps early to make sure your student has an opportunity to sit in on a class, meet with a teacher and experience life at The New School first hand. There’s no substitute for the real thing!

    What did we forget? Standardized Tests. The New School does NOT require the SSAT.

    To start your application and for access to all forms and instructions, please create a free Ravenna Hub Account.

    January 3 – Early Bird date to submit parent and student portions of the application and access our schedule for half-day Student Visits.

    February 1 – Priority deadline for parent and student portions of the application, including intent to apply for financial aid. 

    February 8 – Priority deadline for financial aid applications.

    February 15 – All application materials are due: Parent Application, Student Application, Graded English Essay, Teacher Evaluations, Transcripts, and Financial Aid.

    April 2 – Admissions decisions are sent via email by April 2, 2022.

    Tuition and fees for the 2022-23 school year will be set by The New School’s Board in early 2022.

    While our tuition is significantly lower than most other private schools in the city, we understand that some families will need financial assistance. In fact, we work diligently to attract students who do not have the financial resources to attend private school because we’re dedicated to enrolling students who reflect the great diversity of our city. Currently, approximately 33% of our students receive some amount of financial assistance.

    We have limited financial aid funds to distribute each year. All of our financial aid is need-based, and all of our awards go to students who could not afford to attend The New School without financial assistance. Inevitably, we have many applicants for financial aid to whom we aren’t able to provide assistance.

    Once you have applied using your Ravenna Hub Account, families interested in applying for financial aid should visit the website of School & Student Services (SSS) to complete an application and upload the necessary documents. SSS is an independent organization that analyzes each family’s ability to pay tuition, and we use their analysis as one element in our financial aid decisions. When you enter the site, you will be asked for our school code which is 2783020. The priority deadline for financial aid applications is February 8, 2022.

    For more information about the financial aid process, please contact Jill Morehouse Lum, Director of Admissions at (202) 412-9743, or Chelsea Walker, Director of Business Operations and Financial Aid, at 404-500-9753.