Renovation Campaign


TNS Parents :: 8%

TNS Grandparents :: 5%

Friends / Partners :: 26%

Corporate Sponsors :: 7%

Foundations :: 10%

Faculty / Board :: 44%

Our Goal


Number of Donors


The New School is on the move!

Thanks to the dedication of many who love The New School and a meaningful stroke of luck, we have been able to secure a permanent building and land that will allow us to grow in the coming years to our full size of about 145 students. And we’ve landed smack in the middle of a two-mile stretch of Memorial Drive which is slated to see $600M of redevelopment over the next couple of years. Now what?

Step One: High Five!  

Step Two: Rally the Friends of TNS

New Building ClassInvite everyone who cares about rethinking high school to help us fund the needed renovations. We’re committed to taking the learning into the city, but when we’re in our home base, we still need a few creature comforts: a sprinkler system, new HVAC and a science lab for starters. It adds up. We need to raise $345,000

Gifts of ANY size will help us reach our goal and EVERY gift is tax deductible. If your company matches your charitable contributions, so much the better!

Step Three: Celebrate! 

Those who are able to contribute at the $1,000 level will be honored as members of the TNS Maker’s Circle and will be treated to dinner with celebrity chef, Linton Hopkins at the award winning Restaurant Eugene on September 19th. 
**THE DINNER IS NOW SOLD OUT** Donors who contribute between now and September 19th will go on the waiting list and notified of available seats on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to track our progress. 

And THANK YOU. We wouldn’t have gotten this far without you!

Use the form below to make your contribution, or send a cheque payable to The New School to our address at 1015 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta, GA 30307. 

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