Start of School, Faculty News, and the TNS Wish List

The First Days of High School

Do you remember your first few weeks of high school? Did you work with award-winning architects and designers to imagine, draw up, and install your own lunchroom and student lounge? Or did you jump into data analysis, doing computer modeling and making data visualizations? Maybe you spent a lot of your school hours out in the surrounding neighborhood, talking to community leaders, taking oral histories, and analyzing the different systems that make up a city, all in preparation for a multi-level mapping project?

Yeah, we didn’t either. But in a little more than four weeks, students at The New School will be doing just those things. Plus reading awesome books in English, and discovering that math is actually cool, and working on physics experiments, and digging into local politics. And that’s just our first month!

More Faculty News

Our team is complete for 2014, though we have had a recent change. Unfortunately, Russell Kaye will not be able to join our art faculty this coming year.

We’re disappointed that it didn’t work out, but the situation did give us the opportunity to think anew about art instruction at The New School. As a result, we’ve hired two new art teachers who will be working with us throughout the school year.

David Feldman is the Founder and Creative Director of Three Owl Media. He holds a dual degree in business and music from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. He is also an accomplished photographer/videographer and certified expert in both Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, creating an unparalleled depth and vibrancy to his work. David has developed a high school web/media curriculum and last year taught a weekly seminar on photography, video, and web design to high school students. At The New School, David will be the classroom art teacher, focusing on photography and videography.

Aaron Coury is one of the founders of #weloveatl, an amazing arts movement in Atlanta that has been lauded in places as various as The Bitter Southerner and the BBC. A freelance photographer who recently struck out on his own after some years as an assistant to Ted Turner, Aaron will be working with us at the school and in the city, as our project-based art teacher.

We’re very excited about welcoming them both to The New School faculty.

TNS Wish List

Have a spare iMac hanging around the house? How about a graphing calculator one of your kids outgrew? Is your office getting new furniture, leaving you to wonder where those perfectly good conference room tables are going to go? Don’t despair! The New School can help.

Check out the TNS Wish List on our website. Before we hit IKEA and the Apple Store and various other outlets, we thought we’d ask our friends. Many of you have asked if there is anything you could do to help out. Here’s a great way!