Resell Business

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This is my first website for my reselling business. Through this website I am hoping to eventually begin to sell high end sneakers as I acquire more stock. But for now, my website serves as a hub for  publicity to direct traffic and customers to my Instagram and help build my clientele. This work is important to me because it brings some fun and excitement to our now-quite-boring digital lives. 


My process to resell shoes is not very difficult. It starts with me finding out what shoes are going to be released that week and which ones have any resale value. When I find the shoes, I next need to find out where they will be released, as there are many different distribution sites for the  shoes. After I find that out, I set an alarm to make sure that I am awake at the time of release. I get to the website five minutes early so I can be prepared to purchase the shoes. If I am able to get my hands on a pair of the shoes I am going after, I offer to sell them to local buyers. If they are not interested, I then move to online sales platforms such as Stock X. I have learned a lot this year in Entrepreneurship class with Trish, such as the importance of building a brand through a logo and having a steady clientele.