Joy In A Cup

Joy In A Cup

Founder: Christian Thomas
Team: Ajani Harrison, Jamie McGill


Christian Thomas started Joy In A Cup because he believed everyone should have access to handcrafted, affordable ice cream. Since Christian was little, he was interested in culinary arts and began making and creating dishes inspired by European and Asian cuisines. In July 2017, he started his business out of his small home kitchen in East Lake. He began selling at a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), which is a place where consumers can directly buy fresh locally sourced produce. Christian selected this environment to express how important freshly sourced produce is to him and his company.


Founder, Christian Thomas, is supported by 11th grade students at TNS, Ajani Harrison and Jamie McGill. Ajani Harrison is a Junior at The New School and joined the Joy In A Cup Team in August 2019. Ajani Harrison is in charge of media outreach. Jamie McGill is also a Junior at The New School and joined the team in February 2020. She is in charge of making and testing new vegan recipes.


Many people are limited to how and where they can commute. So it’s hard for some to enjoy the fresh handcrafted ice cream available around Atlanta. This pushes people to buy cheap ice cream that is more accessible to them, which often contains artificial ingredients and promotes the inhumane treatment of animals. This action not only affects people but the environment as well. cheap ice cream products are just one part of the dairy farming industry, which is a huge contributor to climate problems we are having today.

Joy In A Cup is the first accessible, handcrafted, and simple ingredient frozen dessert company solely run by a delivery, cart, and pop-up business model. We are a mobile ice cream parlor. Joy In A Cup values affordability and eco-friendliness. Evident by the use of our biodegradable cups and spoons. Joy In A Cup also believes that you can enjoy a cup of ice cream without the harmful ingredients, so we make sure that we add no artificial ingredients and use fresh ingredients giving the customer a premium eating experience. We are the best accessible, handcrafted, and simple ingredient ice cream/sorbet business that values affordability, accessibility, and eco-friendliness in Atlanta.


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Joy in a Cup Icecream