Stan Video



This short video shows the aesthetics of my airbrushing business and what it represents to me. Using the editing skills I learned in three semesters of Film class, I created this video using iMovie. I am trying to grow my new business and make some money, and I believe that making cool videos like this will draw in new customers and sell more shirts. This business is very important to me because I am interested in what I am doing, and I find it very satisfying when someone wears something that I created.  I am constantly practicing drawing, skateboarding, and learning more and more about my city. This makes a big impact on the clothes that I make and the style of my shirts. 


In order to make this video, there were a few  things I had to do first. For the past few months, I have been drawing and designing different shirts that I could make. I bought  around $200 worth of airbrush supplies and set everything up without breaking any of the delicate elements that come with it. Next, I started creating my designs on shirts. At first I was going to just make a bunch of shirts and take pictures of them, but then I thought that I could make a cool video to promote my business. 


I got to filming. It was very difficult to set my phone up to film myself and I had many technical difficulties. I would run out of storage, get a call mid-video, not even click the button to start the video, or my phone would just die.  Once I was happy with the amount of airbrushing videos I had, I added skating clips and pictures of graffiti sent from my friends. I edited my video with old techno rave music because I thought it fit well. I learned that I need to take my time in order for things to come out how I want, whether that’s making a shirt or anything in general.