Top 5 Reasons to Apply to The New School

1.  No Worksheets, No Poster Boards. Sick of hours of homework consisting mostly of photocopied worksheets? How about “projects” that are really just the umpteenth poster assignment of the year? At The New School, we hate meaningless homework and projects as much as you do. That’s why we’re committed to work that is meaningful and relevant and why we’re designing projects that actually matter. That’s the kind of work that gets kids out of bed in the morning actually wanting to go to school. How would that be for a change?

2.  Hang Out With Movie Stars. And rock musicians, internationally recognized artists, cutting edge architects and designers, journalists, animators, and other adults following their passions and doing work that is innovative, compelling, and just plain cool. We’re working on an incredible line-up of teachers and community partners for next year (details coming soon). What better way of inspiring young people than giving them a glimpse of what life after high school looks like when it’s done right?

3.  Get Better E-Mails. And Phone Calls. And Texts. Did your child struggle with anything in math last week? How did that essay revision go in English? Did you even know there was an essay revision due? Don’t settle for report cards, websites that track assignments, and the annual parent conference. When parents know how their kids are really doing, kids and parents benefit. That’s why our parents will hear from our master teachers every week. Not just group messages about what’s going on at school (though they’ll get those too), but individual communications about their student’s progress.

4.  See Students Light Up. Metaphorically, of course. At TNS, we’re working to find the spark that truly motivates each student. When kids get passionate about something, it really is like they’re lit up from within. They smile and laugh more. They work harder, and longer, and with more focus. They’re better students, but more importantly, they’re better people – more mature, nicer to be around – because they care about things that really matter.

5.  Leave School Early, Every Day. But when our students leave, they will still be in “school,” with their teachers, exploring the city in ways that few adults ever do. They’ll be working with our partners in the arts, business, governmental, and educational communities, analyzing the problems that face Atlanta and the world, and coming up with real solutions. It’s enough to make kids want to stay in school.

Need even more reasons? Come check us out at our next Parent Information Session. Just email us an RSVP.