More Tales of Young People Doing Amazing Things

Number 1: The 14-year-old whose science project showed that the federal government could save about $136 million by switching the font it uses to print government documents. That’s about 30% of the government’s annual printing budget. If state and local governments got on board, estimated savings go up to $370 million. Check out the whole article.

Number 2: When most people think of high school students start their own businesses, they imagine the neighborhood kid who mows lawns or babysits for some extra cash. But what would happen if kids were steeped in the spirit of entrepreneurship, and coached to start real businesses? A program called the Lean LaunchPad is being piloted in a few high schools this year with just that in mind.  Take a look at the results at one Pennsylvania school.

Number 3: It looks a bit like a video game, but what the 21-year-old designer who goes by “dyl” has created is more an interactive video. The point? To put the viewer in the skin of a person experiencing memory loss. It’s called Alz, short for Alzheimer’s, and it’s pretty effective and haunting.

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