High School is a Place of Connection

. . . where everyone is valued and respected, and students can be themselves, while belonging to something greater.

So often we hear of high school students described as “disconnected.” And they are! There is no connection between the work they do in school and the things they really care about, or the things they want to do with their lives. There is no connection between their lives as high school students and their lives at home, at their jobs, or with their friends. There’s not even any connection between the classes they take during the school day.

But what if things were different? What if, instead of being a disconnecting force, high school was the way to connect the many lives that students lead? What if high school felt like the one place where a teenager could integrate all of their unique selves? 

At The New School, we believe it can be, and we’re working to make high school just that place. Because a high school where students do work that is meaningful and relevant to them, guided by experienced master teachers who care not only about their grades, but about their lives outside the classroom, quickly becomes a place where students want to spend their days. At The New School, we are creating a place where students will bring all of their various selves – the creative, the ambitious, the goofy, the analytical. The risk taker and the deliberate thinker. They exist in all kids, and at The New School, they will all have the opportunity to shine.