Decisions, Decisions.

This morning The New School joined representatives from nine other Atlanta high schools in talking to a room full of middle school parents.

It was enlightening to see the variety of institutions and approaches in that room – from large public high schools to schools with only a handful of students. Some touted their emphasis on high-stakes testing, others their sports teams, still others their shiny new buildings. For all our differences, we were united in our commitment to be great places to teach our teenagers.

High school is all about fit. As you go through the process of choosing a school, ask yourself what’s most important to you and ask your child to do the same. Then look for the school that aligns with those priorities. It can take time, but the benefits of finding the right school are enormous. Your child will be taken seriously and will grow up as a valued member of a vibrant community of learning.

It’s Not Too Late.

We’ve been amazed by the number and quality of the applications we’ve already received. But we are a new school, and it takes time to get the word out. We want to make sure don’t want to close our admissions process prematurely to those students and parents who are only just hearing about The New School.

We are delighted to announce Phase 2 of our application process. We will be accepting applications for Phase 2 through March 31st.

Info Session, March 4.

We will be holding a special session, primarily designed for ANCS parents and students, but open to all, on March 4. Please R.S.V.P. if you’d like to attend.

If you would like us to come talk to the parent community at your middle school, or if you would like to host a get together of like-minded parents who are interested in learning more about The New School, we would love to come. Just drop us an email.