News From The Future

News From the Future empowers students to think about current world problems in a more positive way. By focusing on the future that works for everyone and how to get there, we are less likely to get stuck in the “blame stage” of problem solving. Using typewriters, students time-travel to the future that works for everyone and write news articles about their experience there.

Students will learn how to use a typewriter and various creative writing techniques. The goal is to increase general positivity and critical thinking skills around issues that sometimes seem too broad to tackle. 

Start Date

August 28th


Mondays 4:15 – 5:45PM

Program Length

14 Weekly Sessions

Session Dates

August 28th
*No Session (Labor Day)*
September 11th
September 18th
September 25th
October 2nd
No class (Fall Break)
October 16th
October 23rd
October 30th
November 6th
November 13th
November 20th
December 4th
December 11th
December 18th
TNS Exhibition: December 21st

Min/Max Students





The program is student led. TNS students, Alyssa Tirrell (12th grade), Zarya Ajasin (11th grade), and Grace Payne (11th grade) run the program with the support of TNS-X instructor, Brit Gondolfi. 

Brit Gondolfi – “I co founded “News From the Future” with a vision to “time travel to a world that works for everyone” and write fictional yet hopefully possible news stories about how we (as in humanity) went from where we are to where we want to be. The purpose is to create a compassionate, creative, and hopeful environment to learn about subjects that can be emotionally overwhelming.”

“I imagined the project after a neighborhood organization I did guerrilla marketing and advocacy for failed in their mission to turn an abandoned school into a “Free Neighborhood University”. I began to write stories about what would have happened to our neighborhood if our coalition of 600 people had been successful, and “News From the Future” was born.”

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